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Hey! I'm back again. Today I brought you a set of very beautiful dies, which will be the focus——Lifescraft Creative Blooming Brush Metal Cutting Dies.

The most important part of this work is the color matching. First, we will use our Lifescraft Mini Die Cutting Machine Manual Embossing Tools Good for Arts & Crafts, Card Making to cut out a complete die, and then choose a simple and fresh style. The background paper is used as decoration, and the dies is glued to the background board. The most important step is here,you need to color these cutting dies. You can apply bright colors like me, so beautiful. Finally, it can be decorated with letters and other decorations. Such a perfect work of art was completed in this way. Do you like it?

Marsha Fowlkes
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Look at the world from another angle---Romantic hot air balloon creative inspiration

Today Marsha brings you the latest idea, Lifescraft Dreamy Hot Air Balloon Background Board Dies. Hot air balloons can always bring romantic feelings. Hot air balloons are not as exciting as parachuting or paragliding, but you can watch the surrounding scenery and watch the sunrise with your partner at the place closest to the sun.

That is so romantic. As the cold air continues to be heated, the hot air balloon gradually rises steadily, and we stand in the basket and enjoy the most beautiful scenery. So I designed this fantasy hot air balloon background board. I believe you will like it.


Marsha Fowlkes
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"Back! Klepetan is not dead, he is back!"
After 10 days of prayers from the whole city,
Cheers finally broke out in the square.
Lovers hugged and wept, and the radio broadcasts wildly. This Klepetan, who makes everyone look forward to the stars and the moon, is not a celebrity, nor is it a national hero.
But... a bird?
To be precise, it is still a love bird❤️
The 16-year love story of two white storks in a small town in Croatia is so touching.
Every spring, when the warmth is still cold, Klepetan will travel 13,000 kilometers from Africa to visit his wife Malena. Even if you may encounter disease, starvation, shooting...never absent. You may think that animals know what love is, but their stories have attracted the attention of 9 million people and successfully attracted the attention of the president of the country.
In this way, this pair of white storks became the real lovebirds and became the internet celebrity lovers in the animal world. They used 16 years of "long-distance love" to prove that true love is supreme, no matter how far away and time it is, it will eventually lose to love.
Because of the hunter's killing, Malena was hit in the wings and fell to the side of the road dying. After the kind Stjepan took her home and took good care of her, her life was saved, but due to her serious injuries, she could no longer fly a long distance. Malena met Klepetan a few years later and lived a happy life ever since. Someday, Klepetan disappeared, leaving Malena and a nest of young storks. After waiting for a whole day, they did not appear again. Because winter is approaching, even Klepetan can't resist the nature of migratory birds, and flocks to Africa to spend the winter. Since then, Malena who was "abandoned" can only live alone, and she is very sad. After a long time, suddenly one day, Klepetan came back. The shortest distance from South Africa to Croatia was at least 8,000 miles, which was about 13,000 kilometers. It will fly through Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and fly north along the African coastline. I don't know how many times I have to experience the torture of wind and snow, endure the exhaustion of hunger and day and night, and have to avoid the relentless guns of the hunters for countless times before it is possible to fly back here smoothly. And across thousands of rivers and mountains, just to see his beloved Malena.
Marsha Fowlkes
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Martha's Secret Garden Series --Card Inspiration

Hello, I’m Martha, and I’m very happy to return to my blog today to share today’s super project. The gorgeous exotic flowers in this series inspired me to create this bright floral card to provide realistic flowers for different occasions. Coupled with the background of simple style design, a perfect work is produced. I like the matching of flowers and Tengman's dies . It makes people feel happy. Choosing a white background board will make the entire matching color stand out, and decorating the background board with a grid adds a sense of hierarchy to the original monotonous background. Use our die cutter to cut out flowers and vines. The flower can be slightly bent to make it more realistic. Paint the color and combine it with the vine. Add a light orange to the center of all the petals die-cut, and then flick from the center with a paint pen to add some quick color to the flower. Use a ring tool to shape the petals, and then use tweezers to bend the edges downward.

Zoom image

In the end, just add some decorations to the whole work and it's done. I hope you like my work.

Marsha Fowlkes
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Hi,friends who like new ideas come to see it, we are very happy to share with you today, because it is full of fun and creativity. You like being creative, right? Would you like to watch her do this? You can do it here! Not much to say, let's take a look at Marsha's hole cards first. Today Martha brings us the protagonist of this issue.

Does it look interesting? We absolutely love all these colors and designs. Let's discuss how she created this work!
Do you have our colorful journey series in your collection? What is your favorite way to use it? We hope you can share these projects with us, because we would love to see your creations. You can also send us your creative ideas, and we can design your favorite products for you!

Marsha Fowlkes
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Whenever a beautiful work comes out, I will display it on the wall of my house. For me, it is an encouragement to my creativity, and it can also be a decoration on the wall of my home. Hi, this is Marsha, thank you for joining me today!
I mix and match my molds and use a set often. This time I used Circle Flower And Leaf Metal Cutting Dies. There are three different Dies in a set. It is so suitable to complete this work.
Cut it out of the mold set, paint it, let it add color, and apply a different color to each layer to make it look more beautiful. Measure the width of the space you will hang. Add a few inches to make it drape and add some decorations at the end, add bows, etc. Use twine to put these pieces together. Wear them together, you can also add your favorite decorations on each end. Play by yourself! Impromptu, do whatever you want.
When you finish playing with the decorations, hang up your work happily. After decorating a spontaneous party (fickle! I will never stop adjusting!) I decided to add a different background, and then I can hang it up. A perfect home decoration is finished.
Marsha Fowlkes
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Hush, Halloween is coming,are you scared?

Today I will share with you a story about Halloween:
In the fifth century BC, the Celtics who lived in Ireland at the time designated October 31st as the end of summer, which also symbolized the end of the year. They believed that on the eve of the transition between the old and the new, all the laws of time and space would be temporary. After a pause, the door to the spirit world will be opened this evening, allowing all ghosts to take the opportunity to wander around the world, looking for suitable substitutes everywhere, so that they can be reborn. Therefore, the Celtics were afraid of becoming the target of ghosts, so that they could extinguish the fire at home that night and pretend that no one is at home. At the same time, put on a hideous and terrifying mask, and walk around the streets together dressed as ghosts, creating a noisy atmosphere to drive away those wandering ghosts.

Gradually, these traditional customs have evolved into celebrations for today's young people. Everyone can play as ghosts and horses this evening and have a happy festival. There are adults and children involved, regardless of age, gender, class or nationality. Even if you are a coward, you can join them.

Especially children, most of them wear wizard hats and small cloaks, similar to the look of the little magician in the movie "Harry Potter". They parade with adults on the street. In Western countries, on Halloween, the whole street is It's like the scene of a grand masquerade party, very lively.
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Marsha Fowlkes
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New ideas, new works, share with you!

Hello, this is the fifth project that Martha came back to share. This time I got new inspiration and brought a brand new experience for everyone. Today’s protagonist is here, haha, that’s it. I saw the shoes of passersby on the way home and suddenly got inspiration and made this product.

First of all, we need to use our die-cutting machine to cut out our shoe model. It should be noted that we need to cut out ten shoelace holes and a shoe model, as well as the border of the shoe and the decorative stickers on it. 

After we are ready to complete all the models, we can make them. First, paint the shoe model with color, then glue the frame to the shoe, then glue the shoelace hole and the decorative stickers one by one, and then we put it on with a rope Shoelaces, tie a beautiful bow by the way, and a perfect piece was born.
For the last one, you only need to find a harder cardboard, attach a layer of nice background paper to the cardboard, apply glue to the bottom of the finished shoe model, and attach it to the cardboard, so perfect!
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Marsha Fowlkes
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Martha's Secret Garden!!!

Cunning friends, welcome to Martha's Secret Garden. I am very happy to share my beautiful card with you. I like this flower very much, and I hope you like it too.

First of all, we used one of our Lifescraft Hand Knurling Die Cutting Machine die-cuts, it is very convenient, can easily shape the shape of flowers and leaves. We combined the die-cut flowers, leaves and branches, first fixed the leaves on our base plate and painted them with paint. I added a little detail and bend the flowers and leaves slightly to create a three-dimensional effect. The color part Gradient from the stamen to the petals. Then add your favorite decorations, you can mix and match at will.

Tell you quietly, remember to put white spots on the leaves, such leaves are like dew. The whole process is over, and a three-dimensional flower model card is completed.
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Let us make a wish quietly~

Hey! How are you, buddy? Today, I brought new ideas, so come and complete it with me!
Today’s protagonist is it, wow, does it look great? I like this pendant snowman and pendant Christmas tree very much. It is so creative!

First, we need to cut out the knife mold first. Remember that we need to cut out two complete models so that the pendant can stand up. After cutting out two complete models, cross them together, and then fix them with two foot nails on the top. , Decorate the top with pearls.
The second step is to hang a snowman or a Christmas tree on the top hook and add a small bell to add some fun to our work.

Finally, color the hanging basket and snowman or Christmas tree, and our work is complete. Is the whole process very interesting, haha.
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Look here!So beautiful butterfly dies!

Dear, today I will share with you the production process of my work. I have prepared this charming butterfly metal cutting mold for you. The dancing butterflies will lead us into a colorful world. Friends, let us explore together!

First of all, for the card base, we need to prepare an A2 size card base, and then die-cut it with a butterfly metal cutting die. Put the butterfly metal mold into the die cutter and press out the butterfly model. In this process, you need to press the butterfly mold tightly on the paper so that the butterfly model made will not appear uneven.

Next, we need to decorate the butterfly model that we have made, paint it with your favorite color, or even spread gold powder on the butterfly wings, wait for the paint and gold powder to dry, and the butterfly production is complete.

Finally, we can prepare a background card you like, cover the back of the butterfly model with glue and stick it on the background card. The background card can be embellished with text and other decorations. In this way, a diy butterfly metal mold that belongs to you is finished.

Here, you can give full play to your imagination and make unique works. Let us look forward to your new works together! ! !

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"All Surprises And Gifts Come From Those Who Love You"

Hey ,my friends!Are you ready to receive my Christmas gift? Haha, today I brought you my new work, you can give it to your friends at Christmas, I believe they will love this exquisite gift.

When you receive it, it is just a simple Christmas tree knife mold, but you can use your hands to make a beautiful Christmas gift that belongs only to you.It is not difficult to make it. First, you have to prepare a thick base plate, and then apply glue on the back of the pressed knife mold model and stick it on the base plate. Note that the hollow part in the middle of the Christmas tree needs to be cut back and forth several times,to increase its force-bearing area, otherwise the hollowed-out part may not show up.

After completion, we can paint the Christmas tree model with colors, and the base can also be decorated with small pearls, small sequins or bows and other decorative objects. You can match it according to your favorite style. After that, you can write your greetings on the completed card, so that our Christmas card is successfully completed. Isn't it simple? You can try it yourself.
Finally, leave a small wish, hope that in our next life, there will be hard work, dedication, gain, happiness, Santa Claus and candy.
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